Outrace Fitness

Many of our customers ask us what exactly represents that curious letter „A“ with rounded edges inside the Outrace brand.

A figurative symbol obsessively repeated, inserted as a logo in the brand as well as in all of our communication routes is here to remember the origins of the project that sinks its own intentions in the subject, in an authentic, unrepeatable and easily recognizable form: the column section of all Outrace structures.

A form without corners and irregularities, original and unique, like the Outrace project.


A shape which wants to become the symbol of a new concept of training in order to answer to the needs of professional sport specialist.

A kind of training born from the need of people to invest their limited time in short training sessions that involve all skills and abilities of the body, so as to achieve real and useful results.

A new way of training which arises from the need of using few tools during the training session, (possibly without being bound to places and times) and from the acquired awareness of own whole body which has to be functional at long term as statistics are affirming that our life is destined to length more and more.

The term Outrace instead means overtaking.

Preempt the times, facing up the future, advance, it’s what represents our approach to innovation in the functional and group training, and it is what has inspired our unique solutions.

No restriction, no limitations, maximum freedom …

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