Center Piece or Perfect Fit

Two different possibilities to optimize the training space coverage

center piece-perfect fit-outrace

OUTRACE complements and structures have been designed to match specific needs about training and space optimization. In the international fitness market, functional training solutions requests for small groups of people are rapidly spreading. Professionals feel the need to create working methods, and consequently adequate installations, with whom the ease of administration, the efficacy of scope result and the valorization of the client’s emotive experience could represent the triad on which to found their commercial offer.


OUTRACE’s „Center Piece“ structure at FIBO 2018

Gyms’ success is more and more based on how much they are able to differentiate and to offer an innovative and effective service. In Northern Europe this search for service customization has gone so far that there are structures in which music is directly played by DJs and also in Italy there are exclusive personal training studios that offer cooking courses for their clients and sleeping rooms with special mattresses that speed up physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Fitness is definitely changing and this project is born to accompany this, to upset the status quo and to go beyond the standards of traditional gyms. Introduced in the functional training area of a wellness center, inside a multi-personal studio or in a fitness boutique, OUTRACE makes all this possible and more, adding a significant aesthetic impact which is able to valorize the spaces and to give an high-level quality perception.


OUTRACE’s „Perfect Fit“ structure in Blanche, Paris

When an OUTRACE space is designed, there are many possibilities of installation to evaluate, considering the technical needs and the features of the place. These different options converge in two main ways to conceive the space from a training and design point of view:

  • CENTER PIECE: The structure is located in the center of the room, developing the training possibilities both under the arcs and all around them for a total area of at least 2-2,5m from the frame’s projection on the floor. This is an ideal configuration for functional training circuits in which can be integrated exercises with small tools like Kettlebell, Flow bag, Si-Club, Giant Ball etc. According to trainers’ capabilities, this working method generally allows to double the capacity of the structure.
  • PERFECT FIT: OUTRACE structures installed with the columns arranged along the walls of the room, to make the spaces more open and free, leaving the whole surface of the floor available for eventual group activities, bodyweight trainings and small tools exercises.

The different features of these two types of installation allow a full exploitation of the different space potentials, providing in the first case a 360° training experience both inside and around the frame and in the second case the inclusion of all the possibilities of OUTRACE without wasting space, creating also storage solutions on the walls.

Through the distinction between Center Piece and Perfect Fit installations, OUTRACE reach an almost complete adaptability to every kind of setting. Another step towards the clients in an endless search for innovative and qualitative functional training solutions.

Francesco Perticari

EFC Performance Institute is supplied with the best equipment available, providing an offer like no others in Africa for what concerns MMA and not only.

From football to hockey, from swimming to basket: The St. James is a massive sports complex and for its functional training area it has chosen OUTRACE.

health space-kubo-outrace

Dim illumination, disco spotlights and loud music: with its OUTRACE structure, Health Space Kubo is an absolutely unique place where to train.