News from the OUTRACE world


Blanche’s OUTRACE structure provides the members of the club the possibility to make functional and suspension training exercises in an unique location.


Has just ended in Cologne the last edition of FIBO, the biggest and most important event of fitness, wellness and health where Outrace was present in a way that was definitely worthy of its name. This year the available space has gone from 150 to more than 300 m. in the Hall dedicated to functional […]

Many of our customers ask us what exactly represents that curious letter „A“ with rounded edges inside the Outrace brand. A figurative symbol obsessively repeated, inserted as a logo in the brand as well as in all of our communication routes is here to remember the origins of the project that sinks its own intentions […]


Sport in Korea is supported by two greater pillars: activities which promote personal well-being and elite sport. Jincheon National Training Center is one of the largest and most recent sports complexes in the world for the high-level training and its greatness represents the high degree of attention of South Korea towards self-promotion through international sports. Work […]