A new excellence club in Paris combining sports and design

We never loved sweating that much as we did at Blanche, the ‘sexiest’ sports club in Paris”. This is how Vanity Fair France has described on its website Blanche, the club that has recently opened in the French capital which is able to combine sports, elegance and a location full of history and design.

An offer that is well identified by the phrase that appears in the header of the official website: “L’équilibre du corps et des beaux esprits”, a sort of French version of “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Blanche is able to fuse an external aspect which fully express the historic and artistic origin of the building (recently renovated but which preserve the original Art Nouveau style) with internal spaces of absolute design, divided into two main parts: the restaurant and the club.


From fitness to cardio, from boxe to yoga and pilates. The sports offer ‚chez Blanche‚ is absolutely complete, but above all it’s supplied with first level equipment: perfectly integrated both from spatial and esthetic point of view, Blanche’s Outrace structure provides the members of the club the possibility to make functional and suspension training exercises in an absolutely unique location.

Completely white in every detail, it is a customized R2-14 Door Avantgarde model, especially used for the Antigravity classes held by the trainer Jonatan Canada, described by Vanity Fair as able to “fuse many disciplines in one: yoga, pilates, dance, cardio… all done with/on/inside an hammock and concluded by a brief meditation. After having your head up, down, right and left, you leave the club with a renovated energy and, especially, immediately good-looking”.

Blanche can surely be considered an excellent case of sports club able to combine esthetics, functionality, sports and culture (in September the club will add a cinema to its offer): a real example to follow.


EFC Performance Institute is supplied with the best equipment available, providing an offer like no others in Africa for what concerns MMA and not only.

From football to hockey, from swimming to basket: The St. James is a massive sports complex and for its functional training area it has chosen OUTRACE.

health space-kubo-outrace

Dim illumination, disco spotlights and loud music: with its OUTRACE structure, Health Space Kubo is an absolutely unique place where to train.